My Son Has Dyslexia


My son has dyslexia. What does that even mean? For him, it means he struggles, he struggles a lot. He tries way harder than most of his peers. It means he is smart but needs classroom accommodations. It means he needs a consistent therapy program done with fidelity. It means he at the age of 7, has to know his own voice and how to use it in a public school system. It means if you give him a verbal math problem he can figure it out, but a written word problem he shuts down because he knows he can do the math but the words/letters are jumping all around in his head. It means he has the most vivid detailed stories, but can’t get one sentence on the paper. It means he will probably always be the last to finish his work and will never get that “free time” to draw or doodle. It means all of his class will be waiting on him to finish a test so they can talk. It means he uses 4.6x more of his brain as compared to most; he has to put extra effort into spelling and decoding words. It means his time at home after school is reinforcing what was taught all day long. It means he goes to bed late, late. . It means he cannot sign up of Cub Scouts. It means we prayed to God that he has a teacher willing to accommodate him, do those extra accommodations with a smile and no grudges because she/he will not get paid extra, and not scrutinize so much it tears him down for mistakes he has not had therapy for yet. It means even when he finishes his therapy program, dyslexia will always rear its nasty head from time to time, but he will be equipped on how to manage and be successful. It means his momma will advocate for him and not care if she is the least liked person.

My son has dyslexia and his momma wants him to be a successful student. What does that even mean? For his momma, it means I am his voice and his momma advocates for him. It means if his momma does not, he will fall through the cracks. It means his momma researches, learns how to teach him, and cries for him when she sees the aggravation flare up in his little body. It means when his therapy is no longer available at school, his momma still gets him his therapy outside of school. It means he will be a successful student. It means when his school can’t or won’t provide for him, he will still be ok. It means this momma will see to it he gets what is needs regardless. It means his momma is probably known as the “nagging never happy woman who always wants more”. It means his momma is a good momma. And it means his momma has tears in her eyes as she types this.

My son has dyslexia in a public school system. What does that even mean? It means public school dictates his therapy. It means if that compromises his success, we opt out. It means when I opt out, they don’t understand. It means decisions are streamlined for the whole. It means they can change his program with a flip of coin. It means, yes individually his teachers, his principals, his school administration care for him, some even love him. It means they individually want him to be successful. It means, for him, dyslexia in school is just politics. It means the individuals would have to come together and make a stance for him to keep a therapy in his school. It means, while they love him, they have jobs of their own to protect. It means it takes work, extra work. It means my son learns life is unfair at the age of 7.image004

My son has dyslexia and he will be ok.


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